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2018.03 Multi-Jig Mesh Welding Machine development completed.
2017.12 Certified with ISO-9001:2015 International Quality Guaranty.
2017.06 The company was founded 40 years anniversary.
2016.12 Expand Marketing Cooperation Into the United States of America.
Introduction of Medium Frequency technology from United Kingdom.
Fencing machine - V shape forming is built completely.
2012.01 New plant grand opened at WuFeng.
2009.12 ISO-9001:2008 International Quality Guaranty certification renew approved.
2009.10 Purchase new land, preparing for expanding new plant.
2008.10 GSV-80B Vertical-type mesh welding machine is built completely.
2008 GSA-80E Successfully developed security mesh welding machine and Freezer evaporator mesh welding machine.
2007 WIRE MESH WELDING MACHINE was approved EN ISO 12100-1, EN ISO 12100-2, EN 60204-1:2006, EN1050:1997?CE certification, Certification NO. EZ/2007/50027C Successfully developed panel/ coils production in one machine and storage rack special purpose welding machine.
2005 Successfully developed LCD frame special purpose welding machine. Start applying Mitsubish PLC Q series controlling system, to improve heavy-duty machine running efficiency and production speed.
2004 Pneumatic Spot Welding Machinery of our production line was certified with CCC China Compulsory Product Certification.
2003 Certified with ISO-9001:2000(R&D) International Quality Guaranty Renew Edition.
2001 Completed the friendly-use Human & Machine Interface system, the controlling system became graphically presenting, which is easier for operator to run.
2000 Certified with ISO-9001 International Quality Guaranty to promote new milestone of our Quality System and image.
1998 Established Machine test running & Maintenance Department in China Mainland.
1992 Entire Computerized, and enforce design and Study & Development, Start to Produce Auto Welding equipment.
1989 Developed Micro-computer Time Controller, Welding machine Started to step into digitalize and Micro-Computerize.
1988 Move to the present factory.
1983 Established the Study & Development Department, Start to produce Semi-Auto Welding Equipment and the peripheral products.
1979 Golden Spot Industry Inc. was Established.
Golden Spot Industry Inc.
Address:No. 13, Ln. 498, Side Rd., Wufeng Dist, Taichung City, Taiwan |Tel:886-4-23334589 #7 |Fax:886-4-23331788 |E-mail:welding@goldspot.com.tw