Micro Computer Weld Control for Golden Spot Industry


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Micro Computer Weld Control

Model:GOLD-81-SA/ GOLD-81-SE

Built-in 15 programs storage: Simply press "SELECT" Button to switch stored 15 welding units.

Slope Control Individual Program: Individually control & store slope time in each program.

Intelligence Design: Abnormal situation detection and warning automatically for easy maintenance.

Easy Programming: Simple & Clear operate. Navigate with arrow, change value with +/- buttons. Display "StartⅠ" & "StartⅡ" individually.

LED Display: Display all values and signals with LED directly. Read welding conditions without bounds.

Seamless Touch button: Seamless touch button display panel. Dust/ Water resistance. Long term usage.


Multi-Point Spot Welding MachineMulti-Point Spot Welding Machine


1.Micro-computer circuit base, most powerful, fits various welding machines.

2.Completely self-developed welding programs. Easy modification for various welding machines, with variable according to future requests.

3.Best for specialized machine, capable of link with P.L.C system for automatic lines. 

4.Display all situations on front panel and LEDs on main board.

5.Auto abnormal detection, controller freeze and display warning codes automatically when abnormal happens.

6.Twin start switch applicable for different welding conditions on single work piece to perform multi program in one working cycle. (i.e. BBQ grid, wire diameter of outer frame differ to main mesh.)

7.Advanced setting switches on main board for engineers to perform best welding conditions. (Ideally max 250 welds/min welding meshes)

Specification Table:
ModelSystem UnitsSlopePrimary SqueezeWeld TimeHold TimeOff Time     Current       AdjustmentControl PowerSimultaneous Power
AC 110V
AC 220V
15 0-9 1-99
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