Multi-Jig Mesh Welding Machine for Golden Spot Industry


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Multi-Jig Mesh Welding Machine


【Welding Items】  

【Auto Cross Wire Feeder】

  • Standard Accessory:Twin feeder with wire jigs.
  • Optional for loading system: 1~3 units.
  • Feeding speed: 3 pcs/sec.

【Finger-touch Screen (HMI) Operation】

  • Graphic Design.
  • User-Friendly.

【Double Welder】

  • Independent Double Welding System. 
  • (Each with 5 pcs welding cylinders.)
  • Dual Lower Arch Structure.
  • Independent control, driven by servo motor.
  • Either one side or two sides operation with different workpiece.

【Machine Video】


【Increase production / Reduce Labor costs】

  • Vertical way action (Multi-point at once).
  • Reduce wire loading time.
  • Suitable for mesh with large number of cross wires but few of line wires.

【Multi-function Welding method】

  • Applicable to Double Wire Mesh with different wire thickness and length of mesh.
  • Mesh with Accessory welding.
  • Mesh Releasing Device- Mesh released from the jig, mesh unloaded manually.
Specification Table:


  • Mesh Max. specs:24”X48”(610mmX1219mm) X2pcs.
  • Other sizes are available.


  • Double Wire Mesh, different wire thickness, various length, wire frame.
  • EX: Wire Shelves, Wire Cages.
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