Radiating Pipe Condenser Special Purpose Welding Machine for Golden Spot Industry


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Radiating Pipe Condenser Special Purpose Welding Machine


Welding Items 

Welding Items 

  • It is a fully automatic condenser special purpose machine solely designed for welding radiating pipes. It features automatic feeding and welding, which saves time and power. The 30KVA radiating pipe condenser professional spot welding machine, which may weld 38.1m/m steel pipe fitted with help of 3 m/m.
  • Low power consumption. By means of condenser charging and discharging, it can charge slowly with low electrical power and generate rapid discharging with high electrical power to reduce high cost of electrical equipment. For projection spot welding, it is able to perform rigid welding with less work piece deformation.
  • Spring type automatic material feeding. Spot welding is carried out during material infeeding and both side welding at one time to save time. 5seconds per welding with continuous welding until job finished.
  • Steel pipe is loaded manually one piece each time. Using servomotor for auto feeding, infeed speed and infeed distance can be set by operators as required.
  • Operator/machine control interface to control the whole machine. Using Mitsubishi PLC and servomotor, Hitech color touch screen, operational graphics and signs are easy to understand and operate, warning signals easy to understand. Mechanical breakdowns can be cleared out easily for fix position spot welding.
  • According to different specifications of radiating pipes, different settings can be made for exact sizes from the operator/machine control interface.
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