The Full Line Equipment For Marking Truss Construction for Golden Spot Industry


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The Full Line Equipment For Marking Truss Construction


  • Wire feeder: 5 sets, width:2100m/m, the max load: 2 tons, adopting air-pressure brake.
  • Straightening system: Composed of 5 sets straightening device, and applicable diameter is 6-12m/m.
  • Storing system: storing the pre-straightened wire.
  • Zigzag forming system: Adjusting the Zigzag height by motor which save laborers and easy adjusting.
  • Welding System: Equipped with 2 sets of 200KVA transformers and our own developed controller to be in the process of welding.
  • Pushing and cutting system: Operated by Oil-pressure system, 30nt/in max output, steady and quick.
  • The above is process 1 which suits for railroad tie, rigid frame of plant roof, floor, and so on.
  • Holding System: Holding the finished workpiece to the terminal.  It can be easily to be integrated with other working process.
  • Bottom Plate System: leveling the bundle of bottom plate, and cutting to the set length.
  • Multi-point Spot Welding: Weld 5 sets of zigzag truss with bottom plate.


The bottom plate structure, applying to shell structure, floor, successive wall, replaces the traditional type and shortens work time.

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