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Truss Type Welded Mesh Machine


Welding Items 

Welding Process
3 units Pay-off (Spool) → Wire straightening device→Feeding device (Motor) →Accumulator → Advancing device (servo motor) → one unit Truss type forming device→ Truss wire stacker → 2 units T-type welding device (weld) →End-product Pushing device →End-product Shearing device→End-product Stacker.

Wire guiding device
Detects the wires going through or not.

Wire straightening device
Straightening the wires.

Feeding Device
Feeding wires to the accumulator.

Accumulating the straightened wires.

Straightening device
Straightening again the wires.

Advancing Device
Driven by servo motor, advancing progressively based on the programmed required pitch.

Truss type forming device
Forming the wires into Truss type.

Welding device
2 units for the process of T-type welding.

End-product Pushing device
Pushing progressively based on the required fixed pitch.

End-product Shearing device
Auto cutting the preset length accordingly. (Hydraulic system.)

End-product Stacker
Deposits the end-products after cutting.

Electronic Control
Equipped with man-machine interface windows based and PLC control, all the parameters and figures set on the screen, easy operating and maintenance.

Machine Video


Truss-Mesh and Ladder-Mesh are continuous lengths of joint reinforcement that are embedded into the horizontal mortar joints of masonry walls.

Availabe material
Mild steel, Hot dipped Galvanized, Stainless Steel

Specification Table:

3D schematic 

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