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Wire Mesh Welding Machine


  •  Inserting line wires off coil to the wire feeding device, and then sending to the wire accumulator via 2 sets of wire straightening devices by driven motor. According to the required distance, setting the pitch precisely.
  • Automatic cross wire loading carriage with cross wire hopper for sorting, positioning and ejecting straightened, cut to length wires.
  • According to the wire diameter, the welding time and current are easily adjusted.
  • In terms of required length, sending the welded mesh to proceed the work of guillotine shear or re-coiler.


Wire straightening Device
2 sets of the device for straightening the wires.

Wire feeding Device
2 sets of wire feeding device; one is driven by the converter motor for sending the wires to the wire accumulator, another is driven by the servo motor for sending the wires to the welding machine. Both of them can help welding pitch precisely.

Mesh Welding machine
According to the wire welding pitch, the machine can adjust upper cylinders, electrodes. Adjustable of each point welding and current was controlled by thyristor and micro-computer timer for the most proper electrode stroke and perfect use of electrode dies.

Cross Wire Carriage
automatic cross wire loading carriage with single wire hopper for sorting, positioning and ejecting straightened and cut to length cross wires. Operator sends the pre-cut wires into the carriage by crane.

Controlling system
Adopted P.L.C with color man-machine interface windows,of which all the parameters of the system are being set on the screen. Fault diagnostic system with picture indication for fast removing of machine’s stops. Linking with P.L.C, the working process and fault messages will be graphical presented.

Fault Examination
Wires supply, non-wires, fault of line wires discharging, fault of cross wires ejecting, line wire forwarding, short of welding power, overloaded of servo motor, fault positioning, fault of air compressor, over-high temperature.

Peripheral Device
Re-coiler device:applicable for wire 3-5m/m.
Guillotine Shear:applicable for wire 3-8m/m and smaller than 12m/m.

Shell structure, wall structure, reinforced concrete road, retaining wall, protection slope, floor, floor boards, successive wall, Welded wire fencing, Fencing net, Barrier fence, Metal fence, Galvansied Weldmesh, Fine Mesh, Fence netting, Welded nets, Temporary fencing, security fence, safety fencing, Safety / Security Enclosures, Security Barriers, prison mesh, Prison Security Fencing, Rigid mesh, Wire mesh partitions, Concrete Reinforcement, Construction fence, Concrete froming system, Reinforcement fabric, Concrete Meshes, Prefabricated steel reinforcing material, Fabricated Stainless Steel wirework, Welded mesh fabric, Steel wire mesh, Engineered mesh, Steel fabric mesh, Welded netting, Welded screens, Electrowelded steel wire mesh.


Machine Video

Specification Table:
ModelLine Wire Length mmCross Wire Length mmWire Diameter mmLine Wire Pitch mmCross Wire Pitch mm
GSA-125C Unlimited 1000~2400 3~6 ≧100 ≧50
GSA-200C Unlimited 1000~2400 6~12 ≧100 ≧50

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