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Wire Mesh Welding Machine


Welding Items  

Welding Machine 
According to the wire welding pitch, the machine can adjust cylinders, electrodes, and gripping pliers. Adjustable of each point welding time and welding current for the most proper electrode stroke and perfect use of electrode dies.

Feeding Device
By means of rail, manually loading 1-2 pieces of frame from both sides toward welding position.
Automatic cross wire loading carriage with single wire hopper for sorting, positioning and ejecting straightened, cut to length cross wires.

Pull Out Device
By means of servo motor and going with gripping pliers,the machine will pull out welded wire mesh. No accumulative tolerance problem.

Controlling System
By means of P.L.C along with touch-off screen, all the parameters of system, and figures could be set on the screen. And also with the function of trouble shooting warning. Easy for operating and maintenance.

Wire shelving, Grill, Wire mesh in construction and industry, Radiator mesh.

Machine Video


1.Cross wires auto feeding with the high production rate.(0.6sec/line)
2.Quick change-over, easy and quick to re-set different sizes of wire mesh.
3.Future looking versatility by modular system to incorporate options to meet for future requirement.

Specification Table:
ModelFrame Height mmCross Wire Length mmWire Diameter mmLine Wire Pitch mmCross Wire Pitch mm
GSV-80/1200 ≦700 ≦1200 Ø3~Ø8 ≧50 ≧15

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