Semi-Auto Wire Mesh Welding Machine for Golden Spot Industry


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Semi-Auto Wire Mesh Welding Machine

Model:SSA-300M / SSA-125M

Machine Description

Line wire loading rack

Welding area
Cross wire auto feeding hopper / U-shaped wire manually-loading, which can be switched
Cross wire auto sorting and ejecting

Output device
equipped with servo motor to grip mesh according to preset cross wire pitch

Controlling system
finger-touch Human-Machine-Interface with PLC program

Optional Accessory
Rollaway device
Stacking device


Machine Video


Application:Wall septum, baffle, terrace

Economic/cost-efficient/Low investment cost/easy maintenance/ competitive price/with minimum need for personnel

SSA-300M, applicable for wire ψ5-13MM
SSA-125M, applicable for wire ψ3-6MM


Newly-developed simplified welding machine, which is user-friendly machine and easy to recover the prime cost. This kind of welding machine is especially made for hi-mix low volume manufacturing.

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