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Wire Mesh Welding Machine


Welding Items 

Spot Welding System 
Adjusting the up compressed cylinder, electrodes, and fixture based on the wire pitch. Possible individually set welding time and current.

Wire Auto System
Auto wire load carriage with wire hopper, which is for loading pre-cut wires. The system will be auto feeding and ordering. Wire pull-out as required quantity and length.

Output Installation
Equipped with servo motor and gripping pliers to adjust the required pitch, carry the welded mesh to next work station.

Controlling System
Equipped with man-machine interface windows based for the use of P.L.C, all the parameters and figures set on the screen. Easy for operators running and maintenance.

Wire mesh for furniture, wire shelving, industrious mesh, grill, shopfitting, Mesh Decks, Shop Fittings Products, Pallet Cages, Display Equipment, Stillage Mesh, Box Trailer Sides, Box pallet, Display stand, Storage shelving, Material containers, Tool racks, Storage and wareshousing.

Machine Video

  • High-speed, High-productivity (0.6sec/line).
  • Superior flexibility for producing of the most different type and sizes of wire mesh by fast and simple change-over.
  • Future looking versatility by modular system to incorporate options to suit to any future requirement.
Specification Table:
ModelLine Wire Length mmCross Wire Length mmWire Diameter mmLine Wire Pitch mmCross Wire Pitch
GSA-80L/1200 300~1800 300~1200 Ø3~6 ≧50(25) ≧25
GSA-80L/1800 300~1800 300~1800 Ø3~6 ≧50(25)


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